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Marc uro 5

Kidney stone medicine

CSIR-NBRI Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone

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Best kidney stone medicine
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Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone

Product Description
Another remarkable product Marc URO-5 is best for removing kidney/bladder/urinary tract stones. It is developed by CSIR-NBRI scientists with Marc Lab. It is clinically approved for treating Urolithiasis, Nephrolithiasis, and Post-Lithotripsy. Marc URO-5 is formulated on Pashanbheda, Daruharidra, Amrita, Bhuiamla, and Goksharu. Due to purely make of ayurvedic herbs, it has no side effects.

Benefits of Marc Uro-5:
They are used herbs to make Marc URO-5. Ayurveda explores Nature’s profits. Therefore, you will get herbal benefits from this product. It has been developed by CSIR-NBRI and Marc Lab. We are recognized for authenticity. So, we always release medicines in the market after clinical approval. From the great scientists of CSIR and NBRI, the formula is developed. Therefore, it is scientifically tested.

Side Effects:No side effects.

Marc URO-5 is specially made for disintegrating stones developed in the kidney and bladder or urinary tract. It eases the urine flow to remove the particles of stones outside the body. After Lithotripsy, a shock wave method to treat kidney stones, slower recovery is the main drawback. Marc URO-5 helps in faster recovery of the body. It can crush kidney stones, bladder stones, and other urinary tract stones. Therefore, it is applicable in the following conditions: Urolithiasis Nephrolithiasis Post-Lithotripsy

Best Before: It is best before 2 Years from the manufacturing date.
Country of origin: India

Manufacturing address: MARC Laboratories Ltd. 78, I.D.C. Mahrauli Road, Gurugram, Haryana 122001