How to Glow Skin : Home remedies

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Glow Skin : Traditionally, our elders tell many uses of herbs. They eventually use ginger and honey for cough and turmeric for treating fever. These remedies have many uses; just we have to utilize the knowledge of Ayurveda. Skin glows outside when you fit inside. The following tips will guide you for glowing skin.

What you eat reflects how skin glows

To make your skin glow, it becomes important what you eat. Because, if your body fits inside, you will glow outside. Choose low glycemic index food as it does not increase the body fat largely.
Include fruits and fresh veggies in your diet because they are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. This will glow your skin if you follow it regularly.

Avoid some foods

You need to avoid excessive sugar and sweets, refined flours (wheat, gram, etc.) and its products, saturated fat, and alcohol. White sugar damages collagen present around cells. It reflects the aging
effect on your skin. Refined flour contains lesser nutrients than the actual flour.

Cleanse skin to make it glow

Our skin absorbs a lot of dirt particles and dust in a polluted environment. Therefore, we have to wash our face, hand, and other open parts often. Use herbal soaps, besan (gram flour), and herbal face wash to clean the skin.

Try Ayurveda products instead of Chemicals

If you are looking for a face wash or soap, it should have at least some herbal ingredients. Herbal methods provide you a natural way to clean the skin. Consider ayurvedic products for taking
supplements such as Primrose oil capsules, Ginseng Extract, Shatavari extract (for women), and Ashwagandha extract (for men).

Home Remedies

Turmeric is also used in glowing skin. Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder and rose water and mix with milk/water. Apply this paste on the face till it dries and then washes off. Other than this, honey, olive oil, milk, besan (gram flour) paste can apply to the face to make it glow.

Hydrate yourself and see the Magic!!! (Glow Skin)

Drinking less amount of water lets the body move in emergency mode. It means the body tends to absorb water from the blood and extracellular fluid of tissues. This causes roughness in the skin.
And, your skin will dry and show ageing. Women and Men need to drink water at least 2.7 liters and 3.7 liters daily.

Let it breathe : Glow Skin

If your skin does not sweat, make it breathable. “No Sweating” is a big reason for dull skin. Sweating releases absorbed chemicals and interior impurities to the outside. You can see your face gets a charm after sweating. So do some exercises, walk or run to sweat your body.

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