body resistance power How to increase it?

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body resistance power- health care information

body resistance power We need to take care of our body resistance power and health from micro organisms and infections. To do so our body has an inbuilt protective system i.e. the immune system. Our body gets sick when it loses the strength to fight invaders. In that time we have to look for options to increase the power of the body. We show you how to increase that strength in the following points.

Use healthy methods to increase Body resistance power

We have to quit bad habits such as smoking and abused drinking. It is good to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is very dangerous as it causes cancer, stroke, lung diseases, and heart diseases. Passive smoking is also dangerous instead of active smoking. Hence, we need to avoid smokes whenever possible. For smokers, there are many methods to leave this bad habit. Nicotine Replacement Therapy and many rehab centers will help you to quit smoking. Abusive alcohol drinking is another concerning factor for a weak immune system. Drinking is considered safe if it consumes at a limited level but at a high level, it becomes toxic in your body. Abusive drinking causes damage to the liver. And, we know that liver is important to expel harmful substances. Therefore, if the liver is damaged, we would sail into hepatitis, jaundice, and liver cirrhosis.

Eat booster food for your immune system

Prefer foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to enhance the resistance power. Antioxidants are important to reduce the amounts of free radicals made by cells. Kidney beans or Rajma, Barley, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, and dark chocolate are highly rich in antioxidants. Preventing our body from free radicals, make us live longer. It gives additional power to our immune system. Some vitamins like vitamin C and E and minerals copper (Cu), selenium (Se), and zinc (Zn) are good antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables have adequate amounts of vitamins, and minerals; therefore, these would have effective antioxidants too. Lack of sufficient quantities of vitamins causes various diseases. We need vitamin A for proper maintenance of bones and keeping eyes healthy.

Supplements for daily needs to increase body resistance power

In present fast and hectic schedules, our diet lacks many essential nutrients. It is due to the absence of fruits and vegetables in our diet. Vitamins, enzymes, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and antioxidants are necessarily added to meet daily requirements. Lacking these important contents may cause deficiencies in the body. For example, lacking vitamin A reduces eyesight, causes blindness. Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, pain in muscles and joints. Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets and makes bones porous. Lack of minerals causes diarrhea, muscle cramping, constipation, numbness, etc. Hence, supplements become important to take daily. MarcCure has listed many ayurvedic supplements on its website. Andox Plus is one of these. It contains a good combination of essential vitamins and minerals that our diet may lack.

Stress and immunity power

In any situation, one must avoid prolonged stress. It is ok to take stress for a limited time. Little stress is beneficial for better growth. But, if the stress continues for a long time, our body may fill with illnesses. Modern days are full of stressful events. Work pressure, loneliness, pollution, adherence to connectivity, the demand for money, and poor health are major sources of weak mental ability. During stress, our body works beyond its limits, which causes negative effects on health. Stress increases heart rate and blood cholesterol level and decreases digestion. Increased blood cholesterol, puts pressure on the heart to pump more blood. It causes arteries and veins to compensate for blood delivery beyond their limits. This situation may lead to heart diseases or even stroke. Using phones and the internet, people’s communication is enhanced enormously but these pull side effects too.

Adequate sleep and exercises help in Immune System

Only sleeping is not important but quality sleeping is more important. Many people don’t sleep continuously throughout their sleeping time. Drinking and consuming nicotine late at night, problematic beds, prolong use of smartphones, tablets, pc, etc, are some factors about why people don’t get enough and quality sleep. Every day, a person should have to sleep and wake up at a definite time. Don’t drink coffee or tea late at night; it helps in naps or waking but not in sleep. Avoid large meals before going to bed. Adults are required to sleep daily for 7 to 9 hours while children and teenagers need more. Elders (above 65) also required to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours. Regular exercise is key to increase the resistance power of the body.

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