Important Weight loss tips

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weight loss

Weight loss is nowadays a big concern for people. We have to look for losing weight in a healthy way. Daily nutrients level is required to maintain in the body. The following tips will show you how to reduce weight by keeping nutrients.

Use low Carbs in diet

It has been scientifically proven that carbohydrate increases our body fat. It stores in the abdomen, neck shoulders, and breasts. 

Therefore it becomes important to reduce carbohydrates in our diet. You can meet your daily caloric value in 45 To 65 percentages by carbohydrates. Other percentages of the diet are filled with protein and fat foods.

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Be veggie! Eat fruits, vegetables, etc. (Weight loss)

Most fruits and vegetables contain carbs, fat, protein in balanced amounts. Apart from this, they are rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Carbohydrates are stored in the starch form in vegetables. Therefore, vegetables should always be cooked well. Keep in mind that due to overcooking, its nutritive values end. 

Sweet fruits are safe to eat even in a high amount

Fruits having high sugar have a glycemic index under 42 to 58. Due to which they do not increase extra fat in the body. Fructose sugar converts to glucose before it is absorbed in the body, so our body does not become fatty.


Eat fewer vegetables having high starch content

High starch vegetables also need to eat less. For example, Potatoes have 88 % of carbohydrate form as starch, so eating them in a higher amount can increase fat in the body. 

The most important thing is to use green vegetables as much as possible. These vegetables have lesser starch content.

Reduce Sugar (Chini) in diet (Weight loss)

Tea without white sugar tastes dull. Eating more sweets causes diabetes. Therefore, according to today’s lifestyle, we should consume less sugar.

The daily limit of sugar is 25 grams, which is equal to 6 teaspoons. You can use honey, jaggery, brown sugar in place of white sugar. 

Select food wisely to reduce fat

Some glycemic index of sugar forms is given below. Lower glycemic index shows a slower conversion rate of Carbohydrates into sugar.

Food items Glycemic index
Glucose 97
Fructose 23
Baked Potato 85
Carrots 71
Apple 39
Orange 43
Peach 28
Peanuts 14
Watermelon 72
Banana 53
White bread 70
Grapes 46
Tomato 15
Spinach 6
Cabbage 10
White Rice 85
Brown Rice 50
Sweet Potatoes 48
Ice cream Vanilla 61
Popcorn 65
Whole milk 31


From 0 to 55 values are considered foods under low glycemic index; 56 to 69 is considered medium glycemic index, and from 70 to 100 it is considered high glycemic index. Therefore, chose food wisely to stay away from extra fat storage in the body.

Take help to decrease fat (Weight loss)

People generally do not have time to do exercises daily for reducing weight. Therefore, they need a little bit of help from outside. Many supplements in form of ayurvedic products can aid in fat loss.

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