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About MarcCure

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How we are Built

Only for you, India’s topmost medicine manufacturer, Marc Lab has launched the MarcCure. Why we do so? Because people need quality ayurvedic treatment for their health issues. We have gained 35+ years of experience in medicine manufacturing. Hence, we thought to develop ayurvedic medicines and offer them to you through MarcCure: India’s best ayurvedic medicine online store. Our ayurvedic supplements are FSSAI approved. Some products are manufactured with CSIR and CDRI. Our ayurvedic medicines are Ayush Ministry and other government authorities too.


The Aim

Marc Lab is the parent company that is already a well- known medicine manufacturer. It has founded in 1986 over the cool and pleasant environment of Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. They are also manufacturing medicines from Gurgaon, Haryana. Our Himachal Pradesh manufacturing facility is spanned over 2 Lac square feet of land. The company has manufactured over 31 categories of medicines.

We believe in caring for you by Ayurveda. The main advantage of Ayurveda products is that it comes with no side effects. And, for that, we are giving you India’s best online ayurvedic pharmacy. Here you get a hassle-free window for purchasing medicines.

Delivering Services

Our authentic ayurvedic medicines are available in 100+ cities, across the nation. You can purchase these medicines either from MarcCure’s website or through our medical stores. We ensure that our customers get quality medicines in contamination-free packaging. So, it is safe to order your medicines from India’s best ayurvedic medicine online store.

We have put well-established doctors, pharmacists, with our customers through MarcCure. No doubt, we are saving your money because here you can get ayurvedic medicines with and without a prescription. We are delivering 1000+ ayurvedic medicines and more are waiting in our developing line.

Our Work and Culture

MarcCure tends to achieve goals through various approaches and respecting each other’s beliefs and behaviours. We set our environment positive to make accessibility to every employee. We have a strong network of workers, managers, and other medical professionals. Here, everyone is dedicated to maintaining the company on the top level of the ayurvedic area. We improvise novel ideas to solve people’s problems. Our workforce continuously learns and seeks more improvements. We promote everyone’s positive ideas to put the company ahead always. From different cultures and societies, we build a strong multilingual workforce. Through this, we have succeeded in achieving several milestones; and, working on many other golden feathers to collect. A healthy work culture needs good employees. Our friendly policies and guidelines look for such employees. We welcome you to join our proficient team of MarcCure: India’s Best Ayurvedic Medicine Online Store.

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